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New Music Drops

KNG JMZ - Smile Covert Art
KNG JMZ Instrumentals VOL. 3 Cover Art
Where U @ - Single Cover 2.jpg

"Smile" available now on all streaming platforms

"KNG JMZ Instrumentals Vol. 3" available December 12, 2023

"Where U @" available December 26, 2023

"3 Kingz" by 9Xenogenesis, KNG JMZ, and No Religion

3 Kingz featuring 9xenogenesis, KNG JMZ, and No Religion is now available for free download. Click the player below for details.

- now on all streaming platforms -

KNG JMZ Ordained EP Album Cover Art

Ordained is the newest EP brought to you by KNG JMZ. Ordained consists of 5 brand new highly anticipated tracks with banging production from LJ On Tha Track and KNG JMZ himself, along with a feature from talented vocalist Qway-C. Right on time for the summer, Ordained is guaranteed to heat things up all the while assisting the listener in establishing new musical perspectives. Inspired by the concepts of growth and development, the pursuit of happiness, and living within your genuine self, Ordained will truly motivate your entire being and reinvigorate your senses, thereby calling the soul to realign with its purpose and go hard on all of our hopes, dreams and ambitions. Abundance is our birthright. Fruition is the destination. We are ordained.



KNG JMZ presents, EarthStrongs by KNG JMZ Originals. Designed by KNG JMZ and manufactured by Alive Shoes, KNG JMZ Originals promote and celebrate the genuine expression of self, along with the courage, resilience, and adaptability to press forward on this journey we call life. KNG JMZ Originals provide the wearer with the constant reminder; you are noteworthy, you are excellence, you are royalty. Live in authenticity with KNG JMZ Originals.

KNG JMZ 100s are Now Available.

Shoe Design by KNG JMZ - EarthStrongs


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KNG JMZ Instrumentals Vol. 2 photo


🔥 Enter the realm of underground brilliance with KNG JMZ, where the beats are raw, the rhymes are unapologetic, and the movement is unstoppable. 🎤🌌


🎶 In the heart of the underground scene, KNG JMZ’s sound is a seismic shift, a fusion of gritty realism and poetic finesse that leaves you breathless. From dimly lit alleys to secret shows, KNG JMZ’s music is the anthem of a generation on the fringe. 🌆🔊


💥 Join the uprising, where each track is a sonic revolution, and every verse is a manifesto of truth. This is hip-hop at its purest, uncut and unfiltered. KNG JMZ’s lyrics cut through the noise, speaking directly to the soul of those who dare to challenge the status quo. 🎵


🌊 Be part of the movement that’s reshaping the underground. Stream, follow, and be the first to witness the evolution. Your support fuels the fire, propelling KNG JMZ into uncharted territories, and solidifying your place at the forefront of musical innovation. 🌟🔥


👉 It’s time to embrace the future. Hit play, turn up the volume, and immerse yourself in the revolution. KNG JMZ is rewriting the rules, and you’re invited to be part of the legacy. 🌟🎤 #KNGJMZRevolution #UndergroundRapMasters


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Available Now on all Streaming Platforms


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